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Final Fantasy XIV reimagined as an SNES game.


Street Fighter X Mega Man release!

Today is the release date for Street Fighter X Mega Man, so head over to to download this game. If the link is not available from them, the direct link to the file is

If the server remains as slow as it is right now, we will provide a mirror to this game later today. Please show some love to Capcom by purchasing some of their other games in appreciation for this project.

Mega Man X Street Fighter

New Mega Man fan project gets release date and official endorcement from Capcom.

In celebration of the 25 anniversaries of both Street Fighter and Mega Man, a die hard Mega Man fan from Singapore named Seow Zong Hui has developed a new Mega Man game. The game has all the appeal of a classic NES Mega Man game, just like the recent Mega Man 9 & 10, but best of all, Capcom has officially endorsed it. Read moreRead more


GameGadget handheld game console wants to be the iPod of retro gaming.

When Apple launched the iTunes Store in 2003, it completely changed the way music was sold to people. Instead of having to purchase full albums to get one or two songs a person may want, people were now free to purchase their music “a la carte”, or rather, just the songs they wanted. UK based Blaze Interactive is hoping this same strategy can be applied to games as well. The company is launching a new handheld gaming console knows as the Game Gadget and plans to use an iTunes like service for selling the games for the device. The device was designed with the idea of playing “every game on a single device”, but really they just mean retro games that are no longer being sold anymore. Blaze hopes that companies such as Capcom, Konami, etc. will be drawn to the device with the idea that they could sell their older games through the “GameGadgetGames Store” without the need port them to a new device, as the handheld will run a variety of emulators and the ROMs for these games are already “archived” just waiting to be sold.

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NY Comic Con

Our own Dave Morrell is attending New York Comic Con this October 13-16. Look forward to updates soon.


Test Page

Puppy Link will save your Princess’s!


EverQuest Next Rant

Watch video after the break.

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Disappointed with Modern MMO’s.

Something is terribly wrong with MMORPG’s today, at least if you are a classic gamer that is. I have been playing MMO’s since the original Neverwinter Nights on AOL in the mid 1990’s and I frequently find myself looking for something new to try when I start to get bored of whatever I am currently playing. Like millions of other players out there I have spent most of my MMO time playing World of Warcraft, and while it can be a great game it does have some serious flaws.

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